I Will Love You Forever
I Will Love You Forever

I Will Love You Forever


Tyrannosaurus Series


40 Pages, 8.5 x 10.5

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book

Hardcover Picture Book, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $22.99)

Publication Date: June 2017

ISBN 9781940842172

Price: $16.99


With combined sales in excess of three million copies in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and France, the Tyrannosauras series continues with this story about identity, adoption and dinosaurs

A female Maiasaura finds a lost egg in the forest and decides to look after it with her own egg. Surprisingly, a baby Tyrannosaurus hatches from the egg. The greathearted mother accepts and raises him as her own son, Heart. One day, Heart goes to pick berries and comes across another Tyrannosaurus. The foster son of the Maiasaura discovers his real identity. The fourth title in this acclaimed Tyrannosaurus series, I Will Love You Forever delivers a heartwarming story about adoption with vivid, brightly colored illustrations and endearingly drawn characters.


"I must say for a short read this left me quite emotional . . . The art will definitely be great for kids and adults can read this to children without being bored or annoyed by childish language or cliches." —Sheena-kay Graham, queendsheena.blogspot.com

"Readers of all ages will be able to engage with this book with varying degrees of insight. Beneath this deceptively simple tale of ancient reptilian family life lies a story of surprising complexity and contemporary relevance." —Kirkus Reviews starred review

"I highly recommend this series and I think this story is probably most accessible of the three I’ve read for those who aren’t looking for a totally out-there picture book reading experience." —Bruce Gargoyle, thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpress.com

"Miyanishi’s bold graphics are as saturated with color as the story is with emotion; an abrupt and somber ending offers no easy answers to Heart’s questions." —Publishers Weekly

"Although the series originated over a decade ago in Japan, the titles seem presciently timely now: words like 'weakling,' 'worthless,' 'mean,' sound all too familiar while phrases like 'do anything he wanted to because he was strongest,' '[p]ower and strength mean everything,' and 'nasty, violent bullies,' reverberate too often in current public conversations." —Terry Hong, smithsonianapa.org

"These stories make me weep with an intensity usually ascribed to Greek tragedy or long distance commercials. My five-year-old loves all of them, and the mistaken identity plot lines are central and deep for her." —Rivka Galchen, Words without Borders

Author Biography

Tatsuya Miyanishi graduated from the Nihon University College of Art and was a doll artist and graphic designer before becoming a picture-book author. Miyanishi’s books have a passionate fan base of all ages that enjoys his range of endearing characters in many genres, from superheroes to dinosaurs, all illustrated with bright colors. He has won the Kodansha Cultural Award for Picture Books, as well as the Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand Prize.